It’s summer!

Now that summer has started and I’m getting my summer feel on, I’d like to share with you guys my favorites for this summer.

Bohemian hairstyles

Right now I am in love with these braided bohemian hairstyles, they are so easy and fun to do. Also they go with almost everything so I decided to find some quick and easy tutorials for you guys to try, let me know how they worked out and show me your pictures!


Flowers, flowers, flowers

Flowers everything, for hair, jewelry or clothes. Flowers can make everything look pretty and nice, right?

Want to make your own flowerheadband?

Similar here!

Buy these shoes here!! omfg i want these so bad

get this one here! (this is on my wish list for sure)


I have a pair of creepers and I use them way too often, they are an obsession of mine.

holy these are cute, here

Similar here guys

I got these in primark 🙂

Untill next time guys



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